Dr Alvin Chong on ABC 774 being interviewed on Sun-protection and early diagnosis of skin cancers

Ivanhoe Dermatology Clinic's Principal Dermatologist, Dr Alvin Chong, recently spoke to 774 ABC Melbourne about the importance of a complete sun protection routine going into the summer holidays.

After over 20 years of sun protection campaigns in Australia, Dr Chong said dermatologists were starting to see a drop in the number of young skin cancer patients. Despite this great news, Dr Chong said there was still plenty Australians could be doing to improve their skin care routine and limit their exposure to the sun's dangerous UV rays.

Dr Chong’s four top tips are -

#1 - It's not enough to just apply a bit of sunscreen in the morning
#2 - Sun protective clothing is important
#3 - Not every hat protects your face, ears and neck
#4 - It's never too late to start sun protection

Click here to view the entire article and to listen to Dr Chong’s radio interview on 774 ABC.